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Image of Firing service - bisque 1/2 kiln

Firing service - bisque 1/2 kiln

Please email [email protected] or message in the 'contact us' tab to book your slot after you've purchased the firing. We hope to provide a suitable firing date to suit you and your project but this can be dependant on how busy the studio is. Please let us know if you are working to a specific deadline.

A 1/2 kiln load at bisque firing temp to 980 - 990 °C

Our kiln is 100L, so a 1/2 kiln is approximately 50L firing capacity.

Please get in touch if you require a different bisque temperature.

*Please do not select shipping as all firing services are collection only*

IMPORTANT - please read:
Please be mindful of the bottom of your pots and runny glazes. Damaging a shelf will incur a fee between £10-£55, depending on if we have to replace the shelf. If multiple pots run on multiple shelves, the cost will be allocated per shelf.

If you are unsure about a glaze and how it will react or run, we recommend doing a test. Testing must be done before firing your final piece and should be conducted on small test pieces only. Please get in touch via email if you need to do a test piece.