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£20.00 - £235.00

Gift Card

Want to purchase a gift voucher for a loved one, colleague or friend?

Choose the amount you wish to gift and then we will send you the gift card in the post.

When the time comes to book on a course, purchase a firing or an at-home clay kit the person with the gift card emails [email protected] to secure their booking. If there is an outstanding balance we will invoice them for the remaining cost to the workshop or refund them if their chosen workshop costs less than the gift card.

Here is a rough price guide to different workshop costs to give you an idea of what your voucher might be able to provide:

Workshops and Courses:
3-4hr workshop - £75-95
1 day workshop - £90-125
4 week course - £200+
6 week course - £235+

Firing service:
1/2 bisque - £38
Full bisque - £49
1/2 glaze - £43
Full glaze - £59

At-home clay kits:
Monster clay kit/young persons clay kit - £25+
Adult clay kit - £40+

- Gift cards sent out within 3-5 working days

- Gift cards last 12 months from purchase unless otherwise specified

- We run workshops throughout the year but do not have a set time table. If you are not able to attend a workshop within the expiry date because no workshops have run then a full refund will be given.

- Please keep an eye out for workshop announcements or sign up to our mailing list by contacting us through the 'contact us' page on the website or emailing [email protected]

Image of Gift Card